The basic income is from looting.



1 Nomads, samurais


2 Foraigners


3. Berimond

We attack only the watchturms.

The deffender  tools are on all waves, except the last one. But attacking only on last level means, that there is not enough soldiers in the court, what mens big loses. The loses has to be (depending on commander and used tolls) about 80-100, by useing ledd tool ofcourse more.


Attack on the first wave

Use spy report for the first  time, and then repeat the same

Mantlets are not needed to eliminate all ranged defenders – instead of them the proper amount of melee soldiers can be used.



–use small camp

  • build the production of auxilaries,
  • their maximal amount,
  • the decos – to encrease moral
  • no soldiers from main green kingdom is needed
  • the tools (mantlets) has to be produced in green kingdom






4. Storm



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