basic rules

Empire is a dangerous environment, so we control ourselves.

We do not attack without rational reason.

We help each other  every time (with ressources and by attackings) and this ones, who need our help.

we dont attack active castles.
allowed is to attack inactive guys and ruins.
so we have a lot of friends.

if we would be attacked, its only allowed to attack this guys back, if leader is informed about that and has given you his okay.

for shady event its only allowed to attack, if you have asked leader, if attack would be okay


new ops and rvs:

if you need new ops or rvs, leader and recruiter would help you to find.

please, dont take such ones of active players or of ruins, who are still in a alliance. if last one would be, ask first leader of this alliance, if you can take op or rv.



its rule in storm, never attack another castle or take ressources of another guy (so you dont need defenders there:))



the castellans are the very important thing in this game.
that means he must be very strong.

how you make your castellan very strong?
attack robber barons, fortress on ice, nommads and on storm like crazy. so you can get great equipment for your castellan (and for your commander)

and dont forget to improve the equipment every time, when technicus would be here!

leader would have an eye of that:)


dont spy:

you dont have to spy. see our webside:



you have to have different commanders:

-2 only strong for taking equipment (i use it for attacking robber baons); set only equipment for taking equipment
-1 commander only for being strong to attack for far (for storm, nommads, foreigners)
-1 commander only for being strong to attack for near (fortress on ice)
-2 commander for looting (only equipment for looting)
-2 commander with high speed only to send help, when you would be attacked
-1 mixed commander




your commander would be the very important thing. so you have really work at him all the time and at his equipment:)

your castellan should be very strong for defending for near,  a little bit for far, strong for the wall, gate and mood. so choose the equipment for him. and dont forget to upgrade the equpment all the time!

defense strategy fo offline would be: 0-0-100 or 100-0-0. that means, 100% melee for one side. no  on front and othe r side


defense 2:
you put only tools for wall, gate and moat, both sdes and front, when you go offline. and full of tools. the best, you have
only if you have that, you get support of all our members.

if you are online and you would be attacked, change the set-up. have a look at commander, attackers and tools of attacker



attacking nomads:
-you need a lot of soldiers, especially ranged soldiers, and a loooooot of tools, especially MANTLETS!!!
-Also… always attack 2 sides (middle+flank)
-Use your best commander
-Use tools only in one wave

Those that have 3 waves of attack:

first and second wave are clearing
(  1 soldier, no tools )

third wave:
middle-   full army,24mantlets+8ladders+8rams
flank-      full army, 24 mantlets+8ladders

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